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Digital Skills 4 SXM Youths, introductory programming workshops

The Digital Skills 4 SXM Youths project is designed for kids from 7 to 15 years old and offers a fun way to learn programming.

These workshops will help them discovery the digital world by learning how to code: participants will design and execute a project together, gradually taking responsibility for the project.

There are many educational goals:

  • Initiate them to computer programming and digital production
  • Encourage "active" computer use
  • Value creativity and imagination
  • Raise awareness on digital fields
  • Develop cross-disciplinary knowledge, interpersonal skills and know-how: spelling, discipline, teamwork, etc.

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SXM Digital, a socially oriented web agency

What's that?

SXM DIGITAL will be a one of a kind web agency, supported by the Integration through Economic Activity program. It will employ people who are socially excluded as multimedia designers and computer repair and maintenance technicians for 1 month. Their re-entry into the labor market in a rewarding field combined with the support measures they will receive will ensure their successful integration.

How does it work?

We take action in many different ways

Training & production

Under the guidance and training of computer technicians and web designers, employees will design websites and digital applications, as well as refurbish computers.

Socio-professional support

Throughout their development, employees will receive individualized and adapted socio-professional support to help them overcome the obstacles to employment.


SXM DIGITAL's methodology is based on the structure and rewarding aspects the web and the digital world have to offer to employees working towards a return to employment or training.

Who can use this?

Target audience

This program is designed for responsible and committed clients who want to give meaning to their digital projects. By choosing the SXM DIGITAL agency, they will participate directly in its social impact.

A path towards remobilization through digital NUMERIQUE&CO

What is the remobilization course?

The Parkour Numerik&CO gives a boost to your future! This 5-week course is designed to develop the skills of young people aged 16 to 25 with little or no qualifications through the discovery of software, jobs related to digital technology and professional counselling.

What happens during a session?

Each week, we will focus on a theme that will be approached from a technical point of view (introduction to techniques and production) and from a professional point of view (meeting with internal or external professionals) with one or more final productions.

The program

Week 1: Graphic Design

Introduction to Inkscape, a free graphic design software. Initiation to Photoshop and presentation of the graphic designer's job. Meeting with a web designer.

Week 2: Computer Maintenance and Network Administration

Introduction to the assembly / disassembly of a computer, to the basics of local area networks and how to understand and create them. Presentation of the technician's job as a maintenance specialist.

Week 3: Programming

Learning how to program through HTML/CSS languages. Meeting with SXM DIGITAL employees and trainees of the 3W Academy, our partner.

Week 4: Multimedia

Introduction to video recording, rushing and editing with Adobe Premiere. Meeting with an independent multimedia professional.

Week 5: Website Creation

Introduction to website creation using WordPress in order to create one's own portfolio with a focus on the productions made during the course, as well as personal creations. Activities will be carried out under the supervision of the 10mentionWeb employees.

How does the program run?


The courses will take place from Monday to Friday, from 2 to 6 p.m. at: 4, rue du Président Kennedy, Marigot, 97150 Saint-Martin.

A certificate of achievement will be sent to the participants at the end of the 5 weeks.

The participants will be accompanied by 2 employees every day:

  • 1 digital facilitator, who will lead the participants in their technical learning and the discovery of the different jobs.
  • 1 socio-professional integration officer, who will assist the participants in their life skills, career development and maintain regular contact with the partners.

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