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Digital Social Innovation Organization Saint-Martin is a non-profit organization promoting social development through digital technology.

Our organization

During a trip to Canada, young people from Saint-Martin, including community activists and telecommunications specialists, discovered the Society for Arts and Technology project which aimed to involve Montrealers in cultural and social projects. They got to see how computers and the Internet can benefit people: simplified and increased exchanges between communities, access to knowledge and communication tools, exposure to computers and their related jobs, and so on. Back in France following the terrible hurricane Irma (in September 2017), Jerry Desbonnes founded the organization in April 2018 with the help of five other members.

Digital Mediation

We help you with your online application. We support the inclusion of the most remote audiences in today’s and tomorrow’s digital society by providing local assistance.

Our services

We offer digital support on the following issues through a network of organizations selected for their involvement with families:
  • Understand the disruptions caused by the digitization of society
  • Handle tools autonomously and safely
  • Increase power to act

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